Coding Blocks

Session 1

Tailwind – Utility-first CSS
Figma design file

Code Tailwind with Snowfire

  1. Create a Snowfire account
  2. Activate Tailwind in Snowfire
  3. Ping Emil on Slack/Discord with the URL of your Snowfire account to convert it to a free developer account.

The class web page

A design-code-user friendly session

  • Work in pairs
  • Design a block in Figma
  • Create a Snowfire account and code the block in Firecode using Tailwind (instructions above)
  • Implement "Live Edit" so others can use your block and change colors and fonts.
  • Send the link to Emil when ready using the form below, so he can implement your block together with the others on your own Class page.


Session 1 (Password: 6RT^*aMg)
Session 2 (Password: %q23C9%3)

Submit your link

Preparing Blocks in Figma

Why blocks instead of themes (in Swedish)