Designer skills 2

Creating a company website for your friend.

The best designers are good listeners. This time you will listen to your friend and ask all the questions you need about their company. Find and solve:

NAIL - The core of the website.
UNDERSTAND - How to best use your own skill to create a stunning website for your friend that will make a difference
FEEL - Get to know you friends clients. What do they want to feel? What will make them tick, how to to mesmerize them?

NUF Questions

Remember that this is a company website and getting users is crucial. The company might be selling a product, a service or growing a community. 

Good things to consider are:

  • Loading times
  • Creating trust
  • Removing clutter
  • CTA-buttons
  • Clear navigation
  • Make a user follow a journey

Time & planning
You will have 1 1/2 half day to ask questions and get all the answers from your friend about their "Passion company". Plan & explore and build (code) the website.

You will be presenting your friends company website on Thursday at 11:00.

Ps, do not show each other the company websites you made for yourselves. This is a "listening - planning -designing" workshop. 

Good luck 🙌
Ditte & Emil