Designing a website

Team up in a group and discuss the questions below.

1. What does each website want the user to do? Discuss the navigation and core purpose of the websites below.

Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
Website 5

2. You need to stand out to be seen. Is it good or bad to follow design trends? 

Website 6
Website 7
Website 8
Website 9
Website 10

3. “If I like you I will listen to you. If I trust you I will buy something from you” These websites want their users to donate money. Select the one you find most trustworthy and discuss the choice.

Website 11
Website 12
Website 13
Website 14
Website 15

4. Loading times is crucial - Speed 3 sec to load
Not finding what to look for - leave in 5-8 seconds. Is the visual more important than the loading time? If so, when?

Website 16
Website 17

5.  What is the catch here? Are these websites good or bad?

Website 18
Website 19
Website 20