Designers skills - presentation day

It is time to present your Company websites. You will be presenting with your friend that you worked together with and you will have 5 minutes each to present the website you created for each other.
Remember, time is limited so plan your presentation well.

1. When you present, we would like to now the following:

  • The name of your friends company?
  • What is the main goal with the website?
  • Why did you create the website as you did? 
  • Who will be the users, what do you want them to feel?

What you did and what your friend did.
If we have time we would love to see both company websites at the same time. The one you made for yourself and the one your friend did for you. 🙌


2. Send in your assignments

Upload your websites (both the one you made for your friend and your own) using the form.

Upload assignment

Upload both your own website and the website you made for your friend.